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Thread: sick and tired of low skill zones

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    sick and tired of low skill zones

    im trying to make this post hoping that valve would do SOMETHING about the skill level.
    it annoys me soooooo much to randomly play with noobs who have a well known reputation for leaving and feeding etc.
    i consider myself high skilled but my problem is that because of the noobs i keep having in my team......i cant get enough wins or enough skill level with heroes to jump to high skilled pool where the game is enjoyable.
    i hope to see a uae server soon too.
    dota2 is a new community........ dont allow the fools out there to spoil this game by their stupidity.
    and instead of making the skill level with every hero based upon its kill ratio..... how about make something called APM. if it is present and i dont know about it then forgive me.
    and wanna know why i like HoN more than dota2? its cuz they actually allow the players to host games and decide who TO KICK and who not to.

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    1) There is a lobby in this game for at least 1 1/2 years now. There you can kick whoever you want. I mean seriously... you are 3 months or more in Dota2 and haven't even found that yet? Oo
    2) Skill Level is NOT based on kill ratio. And making it based on apm would be worse btw, because its so hard to just make nonsense clicks... oh wait, no... it's not *rolleyes*
    3) I think more servers will come but for now this game is still in beta and I doubt servers have a high priority atm.
    4) I don't think you are high skilled, don't overrate yourself. If you only get noobs, you are clearly not, MMR is pretty accurate already. If you get only sometimes noobs, deal with it. Even I get noobs sometimes and I am not that far away from very high.

    PS why is that in "personal profile" forum?

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