Dear Developer or whoever you are,

I just want to tell you that playing this game is so stressful, is not about the game, it's about how your matchmaking works, and how you make something so called low-priority and how it really works. 9 People reporting you because they hated you and you got low priority match making? ( in my case) When i said they hated you thats not mean that im abusing with text or not being cooperative. SO this thing happened (i have a game when suddenly one of the player disconnected, then we tried to pause, but after 2-3 mins this guy keep disconnected and over and over again. So i said if there's a problem with his connection, i'll rather let him abandon the game and we can queue a new one. because every 1 min this guy disconnected. It's not like we dont try to pause. Then one of my team mates told everyone to report me, and all of the players said okay, in my case im playing with i believed most of them russians and eastern europeans (you all know who they are, mostly retarded). In the end the game was abandoned and i back to queue but after a min it says i'm in low-priority match making for 1 day). I know it sounds cliques about this whole Low-priority people have been talking about how its broken and how it actually works. My point is you've been put in LPQ matchmaking because most of them playing hated you and mostly provoking others to report you and i'm sick of it.

It just doesnt seems fair to me. And im sick been over and over again in LPQ because meeting retarded people and got reported for stupid reasons. Maybe some players have same experience like me and just ignore it. But if thing like this keep going i'm not sure what kind of community this game will have. I've been playing this game for almost a year and for last few months playing this game not been entertaining for me anymore but give me a headache.

So I just want to tell your that your system is broken and your community is defacted. If you not improve or repair how your 'low-priorty thing' actually works and as your player ill say ive been a victim of your defacted system and considering to stop playing this game.

And it's a shame multi billion dollar company like you cant even count, cant even make a difference between 1 day and 2 day. 1 day is 24 hours, 2 days is 48 hours. Says 1 day in low-priority matchmaking due to player reports or abandoned games, but the fact is you've been put in Low priority match making for 48 hours. If small things like this cant be resolved what will happen with the game and community in the future. And stop saying the game tries to build a better future, while your system abusing the players.

I'm pretty dissapointed with this game and felt like i'm wasting my time and my money buying cosmetic items. In the end of my words i think im not even considering to keep playing or not. I'm deciding to stop playing and uninstall the game after i post this thread. And maybe try another game, Heroes of Newerth or Probably the game i hated the most League of Legends.

If any of you feel the same like i do, post a reply. thanks.

P.S. As far as i feel, your community is defacted and Full of hate, Built on hate,