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Thread: [Intended] Naix Open Wounds interaction with Manta

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    [Intended] Naix Open Wounds interaction with Manta

    I'm gonna need someone to clear me this doubt or to test it in Dota 1.

    I'm seeing that in Dota 2 Open Wounds can be dispelled by using Manta, which iirc, it's not possible in Dota 1 because it checked the debuff every second or something like that.

    Bug, intended, or am I just stupid?

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    You are just stupid, silly glacius. :p

    Open Wounds in DotA1 works like this:

    Naix cast skill on target
    Trigger activates
    dummy unit appears at the target and get's a slow spell which starts at level 1 (70% slow) and always lasts 1 second
    dummy casts slow on target
    after 1 second, casts it again
    after another second, level of slow gets set to 2 (60% slow) and dummy casts again
    next second, level 3 50% slow cast again
    next second level 4 with 30% slow
    and the lasts 3 seconds level 5 with 10% slow

    So basically the slow gets casted 8 times on the target. When you use manta during those 8 seconds, that one instance of slow gets dispelled and on next second the dummy casts slow again.
    The lifestealing part never gets dispelled by manta.

    In Dota2 however, it all obviously is only casted once on you and manta just dispells it fully.
    You could see this as an intended fix, but most likely will be added to the list as it's inconsistent with DotA1.

    But I stick to "you are just stupid". :3
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    added to sticky.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bu3ny View Post
    But I stick to "you are just stupid". :3
    :P Yeah, I would have thought it was an intended change, but one never knows, it's like an indirect nerf.

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    I would imagine this is an intended change. The dota 1 behavior is fairly counter-intuitive.

    Also I think valve will probably break other interactions when they fix it like what happened with fury swipes.

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