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Thread: Old and New performance bars.

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    Old and New performance bars.

    Well, I think any player who complains about the performance bars( about the old system and the new system) are right. There is no point in having a W/L based ratio to measure your skill in Dota, the game is too complex for just that.There are too many roles you have to fill in with different heroes that just K/D ratio doesn't do the trick. My view is that Valve has to drop the whole "performance bars" idea and start working on a system that tracks stats about every game and combine them at your profile, a unified "profile stats" if you like. The factors that will be taken into account must be in the range of "Gold gained, Experience gained, Last hits, Denies, K/D/A ratio, How many minutes you played each class (support, carry, durable) and what are your stats SEPARATELY with each class with sub-categories (example: Support---> wards bought, courries bought, courriers upgraded etc.). So imagine it like a statistics tree that the more you go down on it, the more analytical it gets. In my opinion this requires a lot of work but in the long run it would be profitable for the community and it will fix the broken matchmaking system too.

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