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Thread: hero performance should work role-oriented

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    Lightbulb hero performance should work role-oriented

    role performance + general performance

    where role performance is something like:
    support = numbers of consumables bought, assists, heal given, etc
    carry = number of last hits, kills, gold earned, damage done etc

    and general performance is:
    kda ratio, wl ratio, deaths, etc

    would be perfect if considered each role itembuild suited to that role/hero (ex. meka on a carry has less value then meka on a support)

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    While this will never be perfect, the OP seems to have the right idea. This will currently be the best way to show performance, and we know from end game console logs that these types of statistics are already tracked, particularly assists, tower damage, healing points etc.

    I hope this kind of feature goes into the game, as even my anticipation for Dotabuff's DBR didn't take into account the individual sacrifices players make to help their team win, whether that be saving a carry or spending money on wards, smoke, consumables for babysitting, courier upgrades, pipe/mek and others.

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    Problem is that Dota doesn't have static roles (each hero is good at certain aspects) which makes your idea near impossible to implement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToT712 View Post
    Problem is that Dota doesn't have static roles (each hero is good at certain aspects) which makes your idea near impossible to implement.
    How about giving more weight to roles according to inventory?
    Let's say you see a venomancer carrying butterfly. Butterfly's carry value outweights venomancer's base support value, therefore he'll be considered carrying in that game.
    Give role values to items like crits, mekanism, assault cuirass and whatnot, so the system can effectively understand how did you play.

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    Honestly the closest way to do something like this would be to simplify the hero categories, but even then there are just too many things to consider. They already have a multi-star system for each type of role, more stars meaning they are better at that particular role, but almost every hero has multiple roles, some as many as five. With that many combinations it makes sense to say that a hero can be played more than one way. A hero like Necrolyte is listed as "Support, Durable, Carry". Well what is he? That depends on the person playing him and the items that are built. Personally I do play Venomancer as a carry, and rarely like a support. My KDR with him is naturally going to be higher than the majority of people that play him as a support and build completely different items and play more of the support/babysitter role. Does that mean I'm going to look like one of the worst Venomancer players because I don't typically ward or buy a courier upgrade or dust? A lot of people find it enjoyable to play heroes outside of their role, so can we base a rating system by role if people are not going to follow "the rules"? What good does a rating do if you lump heroes you play like carries with the other carries based on item builds? What are you comparing it to? As much as it would be nice to see how well people do playing heroes based on support, durable, carry there are just too many ways to step outside of that role and negate the rating because the rating would only be looking for certain stats for certain heroes. Supports would ignore things like KDR and GPM but instead maybe assists, wards, denies, and consumables. There are just too many things to look at and at what point does the system get so complicated that most people simply cant understand it? Perhaps a tab for each hero that shows each of those roles (what, like 9?). Have a "Jungle" tab that shows your jungle creep kills and a "Support" tab that shows wards and consumables and other related information important about the role. Could do that for every hero to get an idea about how you play that hero personally, but most people wouldn't have much good to say on the Carry tab with Earthshaker or Crystal Maiden (I know I wouldn't). There would just be a lot of useless stats generated by trying to categorize stats per hero by role in my opinion. Something would have to change or a really good implementation would have to be created for it to work. I would like someone to figure out a way to categorize players by this though more-so than heroes, and let people display who they are. "I'm a support dammit, I do all the hard work so we can win the game", or "I'm the carry, I like farming and killing stuff." Just a few thoughts.

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