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Thread: Performance Tab Remake

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    People KS to improve their KDR already because of sites like dotabuff where they can already see it. It's probably true that we'd see a little bit more, but remember the other side of that coin is that people will be encouraged to feed less to improve that too which can be a good thing. Might see some scaredy carries, but I get those now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdarky View Post
    Well i dont wanna see that kill/death/gpm count on our stats. It would really suck coz everyone will start ksing just to improve his stats. Or farm with a support hero all game long.

    Agree on the sortable thing about performance and the rest of them too
    Or look at this way, okay a guy ruins one game by farming or kill-stealing one game while playing a support, but the over-all performance would show less. This will rather encourage him to either think about it or brainlessly blame it for being too low. More statistics over-all or role-wise stats will seem better.
    Like for each role (for .e.g.)
    Carry: GPM, KDA, CS
    Disabler: Average Disable Time (will vary between heroes but will be consistent among players for e.g. Kunkka's average disable time amongst players, Assists.
    Lane Support: Items Shared, Denied, Creeps/Time pulled, Wards
    Initiator: Assists, Time Disabled, Kill Participation Rate (Total Kills/ Your Kills+Assists, where assists>kills in terms of importance) or any other category
    Jungler: GPM, Pulls, XPM
    Support: Wards, Assists
    Durable: Damage taken, Average Deaths, Average Heal, KDA ratios
    Nuker: Total Damage Done, XPM, Spell(usage)-kill ratio (again amongst players of a particular hero, ignoring hero-hero stats)
    Pusher: Towers Taken, CS, Average Game Time, Average Towers Lost
    Escape: KDA, Average Deaths, Damage Taken?
    Ofcourse many ideas go along the way, great job Hobbez. The stats like I presented could either go in ascending/descending orders of importance or some may not be presented at all for heroes who don't have that role. Or since we have star based system, there could be a multiplier towards those statistics but we would require an index for that matter and finding out one would take alot of time. Ofcourse it also requires Valve adding/removing roles which heroes practically do or don't have.
    P.S. On the OP, TL;DR, but i got bolded parts out, thanks for that.
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    To fix the killstealing, the stats shouldn't differentiate between kills and assists, they could be merged into one number.

    I know that the killer gets more gold, but the reality is that the enemy hero dying to your team and you having played a part in securing the kill are the parts that actually matter in terms of the big picture.

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