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Thread: [Confirmed] Roshan's Illusion Protection kicks in after the attack rather than before

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    [Confirmed] Roshan's Illusion Protection kicks in after the attack rather than before


    Roshan's Illusion Protection kills the illusions after they fully succeed on their attacks.
    It should kill them at the very beginning of attack animation, the beginning of attack frontswing.

    Reproduction Steps:
    1. -createhero wisp
    2. -lvlup/levelbots 25
    3. -item/givebots item_manta
    4. Go to the Roshan's Pit
    5. Cast Manta
    6. Attack Roshan with one of the illusions

    Current Result:

    Illusion dies after the projectile meets Roshan. Illusion succeeds on dealing damage to Roshan, too.

    Expected Result:

    Illusion should die on the very moment its attack was going to begin. Illusions shouldn't be able to deal any damage to Roshan.
    Animation-wise, it should look like
    > Walk
    > Walk
    > Walk
    > BOOM, sudden death.

    So we shouldn't even be able to see any sort of attack animation from the illusions.

    I have to admit, I had seen this on a DotaCinema video. I hate them for making videos out of bugs all the time, but sometimes they become useful, like this one, for example...

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    added to sticky.
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