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Thread: Icon for items available at the Side-shops

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    Icon and pings for items available at the Side-shops

    There is one thing about buying items that is really hard for new players to understand and that is what items are available at which shop. VALVe did a pretty good job telling the player about the Secret Shop:
    It tells the player in the item-description, it tells them on the screen when they try to buy it and even points out where the two Secret Shops are on the map via audio-visual ping. Secret Shop items even have a red dot on their icon.

    But the Side-Shop is now more of a mystery for new players than the Secret Shop! It doesn't have all items that are available at the Base-Shop but at the same time there are some Secret Shop items available like the Ring of Health. This inconsistency is extremely confusing and it is not communicated in the UI at all.
    The solution is simple: Just add a tooltip just like the one for Secret-Shop like "Also available at the Side-Shops!" and maybe add a dot to the icons of items that are available there (two dots next to each other on a small icon might be too much). And when they try to buy items that are available at the Secret Shop AND the Side-Shops, it should ping the Side-Shops as well.
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