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Thread: [Suggestion] Accept by a party member counts as Accept by all

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    [Suggestion] Accept by a party member counts as Accept by all


    Many a times in a party a guy goes away for 2-3 mins to take a leak, have a smoke, etc and misses accepting the game. My suggestion is, in a party if one guy accepts the game, consider accept by all party members.
    Logic is-
    The guy accepted party invitation and therefore is ready to play.

    It can also be modified to work if all in the party are friends or something.

    Thoughts ?

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    +1 there is always that friend that goes to smoke before the game. But this can cause more pauses in games

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    bad, bad idea. we already have a problem within the community with 1-5min pauses at the start of at least 1/4 games. this is NOT fun for anyone on the other team and in my opinion, this kind of behavior should not in any way be encouraged if you ask me.

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    Maybe at least this for the party leader. This happens to my party a lot and it's really frustrating when you can't leave your computer when the mm queue is buzzing. To be fair it never takes very long to get a game, but still.


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