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Thread: Click input dropping when using a wacom tablet instead of a mouse.

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    Unhappy Click input dropping when using a wacom tablet instead of a mouse.

    I have played with a wacom tablet instead of a mouse for years now (I'm a lefty, gimme a break...) and since the scrub update I've noticed a very high frequency of clicks not being registered by the game. It's more than half. I was trying to walk a hero around the game and counting how many clicks/taps I needed to make before the game would register a command and it was averaging 3 out of 5 dropped commands - only 2 clicks per 5 registering. Actually unplayable.

    I use a wacom intuos pro with the most recent drivers and have no problems anywhere else in Windows, or even in other games.

    Windows 10 Pro - all current updates installed
    nVidia Quadro K1100m - most recent QNF driver

    Not sure what other relevant specs you might need to know.

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    Have same issue, just opennend a ticket before i saw your post.

    Back in 2018 there was the same issuebut no click were registered at all. I had to instal a tool from a blizzard forum called "TabletTapToClick" but now it isn't working anymore.
    Hope they'll see our calls and fix it soon.

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    it took alot of maths to break touch in dota really breaks the game on windows 10.its a real sinkhole i hope they dont try to fix.

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    same issue. took me all day of troubleshooting because there was a wacom tablet driver update as well. glad to see i'm not the only one affected, unfortunately.

    Right now i'm unable to play dota2 completely - due to RSI and pretty much never playing with a mouse since dota1
    hopefully this gets resolved soon otherwise going to have to say goodbye to this game

    btw, what's the link to the dev ticket ?

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    @lucia1 :
    You may contact them here
    TBH i find it quite hard to have a sort of dialog with the devs (and i understand that they would be crawling under mail), sometimes they seem to check Reddits but i let you imagine how little exposure this would get.

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