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    Middle East Server

    Players from the middle east have been facing this problem for a long time. The closest server is the European servers and SEA servers. Both servers have unstable high pings because we are located in the middle. On a 10mb connection, the pings vary from 200-300. Players from the middle east are stuck in the loop hole of servers, in which no playable server is found. This thread is to suggest a server for the middle east. No specific country is picked because any server close to the middle east would fix the problems for all the countries. A suggested country would be UAE since it seems like the most viable place for all the country's pings. This problem have been mentioned before, but nothing has been done. The dota 2 community is expanding and many players from the middle east joined the community. This problem is happening with all of them, so I was hoping an action would be taken to fix this problem.

    ~mod edit: Post problems with Dubai servers in here. (please also provide a trace to or towards IP: )
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