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Thread: [Irrelevant since 6.82] Spectre's Dispersion and Mask of Madness + HP Removal

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    [Irrelevant since 6.82] Spectre's Dispersion and Mask of Madness + HP Removal


    HP removal is handled incorrectly for Mask of Madness and Dispersion (increased by Mask of Madness and reduced by dispersion). [and also slardar's sprint, and undying's flesh golem,] [think rampage-oriented WC3 skills]


    1) Pick Spectre and level to 25, putting 4 points into dispersion
    2) Spawn an enemy vengeful spirit and level to 25, putting 4 points into her wave of terror
    3) Cast wave of terror on Spectre


    Spectre takes 70 damage (=90*(1-0.22))

    With Mask of Madness active, the unit takes 117 damage (=1.3*90) (unless it's spectre, due to dispersion, and probably bristleback when he gets implemented)

    Expected result:

    Spectre takes 90 damage (unreduced by dispersion)

    With mask of madness active, the unit takes 90 damage (unamplified by mask of madness)

    Loving me some spectre bugs. And hey, I even found a non-spectre bug!
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    triggered stuff recognizing it as a damage instance migh be intended. i think hardcoded amplification should remain the same as in warcraft 3 dota, though.

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    added to sticky.
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