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Thread: Russia and North Europe Server Support

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    I have the same issue, looks like a peering problem between Deutsche Telekom and Level 3. If you scroll down a little bit on this page, it says it's a known problem.

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    month ago russian servers autodisconnects me each minute(unplayable, but eu servers is ok)
    week ago this happens to EVERY server(unplayable)

    ping is ok
    my internet is ok

    any solution?

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    Novosibirsk, Russia
    Russian server is unplayable to me despite i live in Russia
    Ping is ok, but once a minute game freezes for 5-10 sec, started since TI3.


    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 1 ms 7 ms <1 ms []

    2 4 ms 8 ms <1 ms
    3 4 ms 4 ms 1 ms
    4 2 ms <1 ms 1 ms
    5 107 ms 52 ms 52 ms []
    6 76 ms 77 ms 76 ms []
    7 76 ms 77 ms * []
    8 76 ms 76 ms 76 ms []
    9 76 ms 76 ms 76 ms [213.248.8
    10 74 ms 74 ms 80 ms []

    ping is attached Untitled.png
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    I play Dota 2 , installed all through steam, when the game at the time of soma game, in the middle of the game the game just closes and you have to relogin through steam.
    Performed the update driver video card, so also checked the connection when playing with dota2, is the configuration file also checked everything there is resolved so also checked the file cache and there's all right! But still after about 20 minutes of the game is the involuntary cause the game to exit, immediately reset Pillbox I wrote system Steam that the game supposedly started, but not in trey and neither in the taskbar, it is not.
    In the attached files all visible.
    Even video saw last game and after 20 minutes the game was closed....
    Help, what could be the problem?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Finding server for about 10 minutes and then search again.... Can't start match for about an hour...

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    Really need a logical explanation for what is happening. in the last month of the bunker behaving very badly on Russian servers every 5 game just off the casual gamers , there were times when 8 people at a time, shut down , but later all successfully rejoining . Recently, I was again shut off and I could not go to the game, I re went many times and always been able to get data from the server , even re launched Steam with DotA and all of Ranvier to no avail , although internet worked well as Steam. in the end I was given 2 days of reduced priority ! one thing when you do not want to go out and brings you to your internet, and another when it is already the bunker itself can not be tolerated
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    Ping on EU and RU went from usual 60-70 to 180. Kinda noticeable. Volvo pls fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fugly Shmugly View Post
    Ping on EU and RU went from usual 60-70 to 180. Kinda noticeable. Volvo pls fix.
    Please post your traceroute to determine where's the issue.

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    Will do when I get back home. Forgot about that.

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    Last month it's impossible to play on Russia server from Moscow and MO district:
    - ping increased for 300% (from ~27 to ~70) - constantly freezes and connection lost (every ~2 mins i see red message, that DOTA2 trying to reconnect to the server

    I asked other players from Russia, and it seams that only players from Moscow Region have such problems.
    And yes, some of my friends have other internet providers, but still experiencing the same lags as i am.
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