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Thread: Russia and North Europe Server Support

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    Something's wrong with EU West servers. I live in Belarus and my ping to EU East and EU West was always like a 10 ping difference. Now check this out:
    My ping to EU West now is almost the same as to US East, a server cluster located like 2,5 times farther away from the EU West one. Might as well play on American servers now lol. My friends are reporting the same problem as well.
    And yeah, sure I can play on EU East and Russia for now, but more servers for queuing is always nice and separating the EU dota player community is not very good imo. Valve, please, look into the problem and fix it ASAP. Thanks in advance

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    so big leap of ping ( comes to 4000 ) every game. often have 400 ping during long time (30+ seconds).
    Dota tell "come on, lets play with 29 ping" (rus server)
    dont know what to do
    it had started from patch 7.00

    checking with "CMD" show thats result: average ping: 32 average ping: 60
    without some "leap"

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    Hello! Please help!
    I HAVE A BUG IN NUMBER OF CHEESE! please remove all the cheese! a lot of cheese! in dota 2 clean please.
    My account the incentive: serinessaчсчясчсмсчмя.png

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    Maybe Russian servers must be located in Russian? I'm playing from Central Asia and 85 ms is not good ping for tournament games. I've matter if you really wana supporting CIS region and giving slot for major/int. I'll playing with 30 me ping in Germany, and I really feeling difference in gameplay.

    P.S. sometimes game give me teammates from Iran, and they have 230-320 ms ping, I don't understand how they playing.

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    Im sure my question has been asked many times, but i would like to receive a modern and logical answer. We had CIS Major, etc. It looks like you are going to meet CIS community. But still living in Moscow and having a good provider I have to play on a "Russian" server with a ping of 25-30+ ms. We also have a huge territory, and on our server, including the residents of Central Asia, who ping ashamed to call. Residents of the far east of Russia generally better to play on Japanese and Chinese servers. Why in the US when there is a peak online of 5% of the world, there are two servers, and in Russia at 22% one, and that outside the country? As example US west dead server, Chile looks better. Why are you so weakly supporting the largest region after Asia, even technically? After all, I'm sure our players donate no less than the global.

    Thank you for the opportunity to contact you, I'm waiting for an informed response

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    Hi everyone.

    After some researches that ive made it must be like i have shadowpool i think.

    Here is my problem explain:

    1. I cant seem to find a ranked game. but i tried some times and it took over 40 minutes of search and i stoped
    2. I do find match in normal match or single draft after a long of time because there are low players with that penalty and so u have to wait 10 players to search and the game will face u with them. Another method is it finds u game in but u play against bots and u have 5 real people on your team and u play against 5 bots.
    2.1 Sometimes u have 4 bots in team and 1 oponent is real person with 4 bots in team.
    3. It doesnt matter where i search it allways finds match in US West.

    But I did not use any third-party programs (sandbox, cheats and others). I played with a friend in one apartment with two laptops and the next day I could not normally look for games (as described before). For 3 years of playing dota 2 this is the first time.
    Please help me with this unintelligence, that I could again play calmly in dota 2.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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    I have a problems with RMM - Raiting in dota 2, my party RMM of last 3 matches must be 3.125(+25)/3.145(+20) and 3.169(+24) and in the my profil dota 2 i have 3.125(+25)/3.143(+20) and 3.144(+24) HOW? What the bug. Sorry for my bad engl.

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    Hello. Match 3393285811. Lags for all players. As a result, I had to leave because of the inability to play normally. Please return 25 pts !!!!!
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    Packet loss

    Hello. I have a big packet loss (30-60%) for 2 last days. Until the last patch of problems was not observed

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    In the game No. 3477377596 was discovered unimaginable lag. Could not play for both teams. The player Тутси Браунштейн ID 59260191 was forced to leave the game, and we all left the game. Everyone was afraid of a penalty for premature exit from the game. If you have the opportunity to fix the game - I'm happy! It's already met not once.

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