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Thread: Russia and North Europe Server Support

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    Ad matchmaking lasts 10 minutes for search.

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    Angry My friend is stuck in a extreamly lagged Battle Cup match

    As stated in the title above my friend is stuck in a Battle Cup match, and he suspects some foul play at work here. Namely someon subsituted their own server, as far as I understood him, for the original one on which they should be playing the said match. Since the match is currently taking place I can notproveide the match ID number but I can give you his so you can check it out. My friend's ID 23001686, him and his party are stuck since no one wants to leave a give an easy win by abandon to the other team.

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    russian servers still unplayable due to insane lags on every player since the match begins. it's been for like 3-4 weeks already

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    Сервера - говно, матчмейкинг уебанский, каждая игра превращается в дрочильню один против всех, а вы все такие же долбоебы. Новые сэты шмоток когда выпускать будете? Ведь они же так нужны этой игре.

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    I got LOSS PACKET from 3 to 15 at it can last almost half of one match and its rly unplayable, i do check my optic cable and net and everthing is working perfect, but still while doing these test i do got dota in spectating so ingame still i got loss packet, i dont know how to fix it, i do get new internet and new gear and this LOSS PACKET is just STILL here.

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    Dota Plus Welcome Quests - DPC App quest not checked as done

    I have installed the DPC App but the Dota Plus Welcome Quest is not checked. I even got points for "Predict DPC winner" and its marked as done.

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    Thumbs up Bad server performance report.

    Server performance issue report.

    Game ID: 5226907586

    The entire game on the server was a slideshow for everyone. Allchat can be viewed for confirmation of server problem.

    People complained about server issue at the start of the match, and one player even abandoned due the unplayable game. Canceling the game results too would be great too.

    Please look into that. Thank you.

    Threads I think are useful to read:

    Just another day on EU servers.

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