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Thread: not all backswings fixed?

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    I knew it. Timbersaw problems was with casting/backswings and had nothing to do with shift-queue commands (shift-queue has its issues, but it's a different problem entirely). Shift-queue however, makes the problem more noticeable due to how dota2 respects all backswings when you use shift-queue.
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    For those who are interested. Backswing is a really big deal. -> Check this out <-

    Totally new experience with any fixed hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoh0 View Post
    Retested the mentioned heroes.

    These heroes are fixed to be same as their wc3 counterparts now:

    Partially Fixed:

    Rocket Flare is fixed
    Battery Assault and Power Cogs still use backswing

    Nyx :
    Impale & Mana Burn fixed
    Spiked Carapace still instant instead of having a backswing

    Timber Chain is fixed,
    Whirling Death is supposed to have a backswing. Return Chakram is still instant (correct) but stutters after casting as if he has a very short backswing. Correct behavior = no frontswing and no backswing

    Shadow Demon:
    Soul Catcher and Shadow Poison is fixed,
    Shadow Poison Release is still instant (wrong), and in addition stutters after casting as if he has a very short backswing

    Sand King

    They both feel the same. Anyway, previous tests showed that they were already consistent with their wc3 counterparts.
    Somehow missed out Pugna and Riki...

    Pugna: Nether Blast changed to have no backswing (All Pugna spells were previously correct already)

    Riki: Smoke Screen still has backswing where it shouldn't have.

    Refer to this google doc for more info

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    Erroneous 0.83 backswing on both of potm's team fight skills seems considerable.

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