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Thread: Teams need more slots

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    Teams need more slots

    So, simply put, teams definitely need more slots. If nothing else, at least a pool of standins.

    I was extremely upset to discover that, upon the recent changes to the team system, I was removed from the player roster and allocated as "Team Administrator", meaning I am not allowed to participate in team MM.

    I really don't think that's a good system.

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    look like we have a social problem here.

    Dota only needs and wants 5 ppl, but groups often have multiple multi connections towards different ppl.

    In the end there could/should be a Clan system. This Clan could then have different teams. Mb this could help you
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    Duh... its the IceFrog dude. Kinda like Chuck Norris just in Dota.

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    No, that's not the problem at all.

    The problem is that when you have a friend group that spans the globe, it's rare that all of them are on at once. So yeah, I have about 6 other people that I play with regularly. We 5man all the time, in equal distribution with eachother. If this were truly a team matchmaking system, I should be able to play with any combination of these guys under our team name. It's not different that when Na'Vi used to pull in Admiral Bulldog as their go to standin.

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    alternatively if valve allowed people in the team administrator slot to also count as players for team mm, all would be well.

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    +1. We almost always have 4 people there. The last has to be kicked and a new entered.

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    Registered to say the same exact thing.

    We've even tried rotating people in and out of the 5th spot (we usually run into Sossere's issue as well) but it seems to reset our ranking every time.

    I'd love to see something like 5 stand-ins (just like probably any sport has at least one sub for every position), but if the Dota team is adamant about keeping a team close to the 5-person cap, then even a 6th or 7th spot would be helpful.

    Another alternative would be to implement a system similar to Starcraft 2's matchmaking where you have a different ranking for every team composition. Unfortunately the formula that governs the number of teams that you can form with your friends would be n!/(5!*(n-5)!), where n is the number of friends you play with. So in a case like weapon_penguin's, that means that Dota's databases now have to keep track of 6 different teams (21 for a 7 friend pool, 56 for an 8 friend pool, etc.) rather than a single team with alternates, but it would do a lot to enhance the players' experience.

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    A simple solution would be to allow 1 or 2 standins and a 5 person team. This way it is always the same team and you can "borrow" people from another team without them having to leave it.

    You create team A and play.
    The day after you lack one person, you play as team A with 4 in the team and another invited through Dota 2's normal invite mechanic.

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    I concur with the above statement. In my team, we have 5 people under the team members and 1 team administrator. Our captain is in the team administrator position and since my team isn't composed of people living in the same country, we do need to change 1-2 players every now and then to be able to play the team. Albeit, we still just pick from the 5+1 people in the team page. Now, if the rating of the team always changes if we change the roster, even with just one player. I'm not saying its a big issue but having a direction in how we stand really helps in my opinion.

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    +1 We really need 1 or 2 more slots

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    I agree +1

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