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Thread: Visualise pathing on the minimap

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    Quote Originally Posted by heksesang View Post
    You won't be able to interact with the line in any way, it's merely drawn on the minimap. Hence it's not a control at all - it is decoration.
    If you think this is a control, you don't seem to get the concept at all. You should try a game of LoL just to see how it works there, or find a YouTube video that shows it.
    Hm, I thought you could alter the line. Someone suggested that somewhere in these pages. That it helps him gank better.

    Huh? The hero clearly knows a path to follow each time you right click somewhere, what's so hard about drawing a line on the minimap on top of that path?
    What happens if hero encounters creeps and get stucked a little bit in them? I think it's not that easy, as you might think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zapmunk View Post
    I don't believe anyone suggested that it should be anything more than that.


    Quote Originally Posted by HMAN911 View Post
    There could even be the option to turn it on for when you click on the screen itself and not on the minimap, so you see a faint line on the battlefield itself for which path your character will be walking. This could be really useful for waypoints. Anyone who has played starcraft 2 and issued queued commands will get an idea of what I mean.
    Hopefully not.

    ^above image picked from here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raging View Post
    It's not that important to have such an option and it won't be very easy to implement - so +0.1
    Actually, it wouldn't be that hard to implement. The engine already draws those lines, rendering them is merely disabled in the game client. In development mode, you're able to see the pathing lines happen.

    Not arguing for or against this though. But I can't see it having a negative effect on the game.
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    Would also be helpful for noobs like me to easily get familiar with the different routes through the jungle.

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    I didnt like thisn pathing from LoL. At least I hope it can be turned off if it might be implemented. ofc it helps new players but I would disturb me alot.

    It's a great feature to see where your dumb pub allies are running again. Hopefully they won't act that stupid anymore after it.
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    <-- My work is done, if this gets implemented
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLite View Post
    Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
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    More options, the better!

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    As an option? I think it's a great idea. I endorse this 100%

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