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Thread: [Confirmed] Relocate wrong -wtf (Refresher?) behaviour

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    [Confirmed] Relocate wrong -wtf (Refresher?) behaviour

    Summary: In Dota 2, multiple relocates will have no effect.

    Repro steps:
    1) Make a lobby
    2) pick wisp
    3) get a refresher or active -wtf
    4) use relocate twice (doesn't matter if before or after the teleport)

    Result: The first timer ticks and after the 12 seconds you will be ported to the first relocate cast-position.

    Expected result: In Dota 1 there will be a timer and marker for each individual relocate. Therefore it's possible to port to the front, use your relocate right next to you again (not that refresher is very common on Io) and stay there (you get ported back, but a second later the second relocate ports you back to the front).

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