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Thread: [Confirmed] Kunkka [X Marks The Spot] should not target SpiritBear,Golem,Familiars

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    [Confirmed] Kunkka [X Marks The Spot] should not target SpiritBear,Golem,Familiars

    While they are invalid targets in dota1


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    added to sticky.

    but i wouldnt mind this being an intended fix making the skill more versatile.
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    This cannot be, in any possible way, an intended fix... It's just resistant skin happening again :/ I really need to make a clear explanation of this... Since I have some spare time at home I think I will write a full description of resistant skin, what skills should go through and what skills shouldn't...

    Screw it, here it is:

    BASICALLY if a skill can target BOTH CREEPS and HEROES it can be targetted, else it cannot. End of story. Now all things that CAN hit both should use the HERO interaction, with a possible exception of some triggered skills. But for this purpose some parts of skills, such as AA's Ultimate should be considered seperately (the initial nuke can hit creeps, while the DoT cannot, and should therefore not be felt by creeps).

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