(posted here after Reddit had no solution)

Steam has it's own protocol, used for things like steam://takesurvey/1 steam://guestpasses/ and so on. Most of these are documented (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/...owser_protocol) here.

I was wondering if there was an undocumented (or documented in a different-) location of how I could link my profile in a manner like steam://users/noxville/watch_in_game or something, allowing people click to automatically join the server and spectate - much in the same way you can with HLTV.org provided links.

I currently stream on pretty much the fastest ADSL in my country available - but this is only @ 480p. Many people (who aren't neccessarily friends with me on Steam) want to watch games that I cast in HD/in-game - so I was hoping there was an easy way to let them see my profile, and start spectating with 1 click. At the moment, they can obviously go in-game, find my name in a public chat channel, right click -> Watch Game; but this is tedious when it could be done in 1-click from the browser.

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