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Thread: Golden Greevil particle effect

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    Golden Greevil particle effect

    Golden Greevil lacks particle effect and the ability to preview the courier in DotA2 ingame inventory. Since the immortal Golden Rosh courier has a particle effect and it's possible to preview all couriers though ingame DotA2 inventory I can only assume this is a bug. It would be le epic win (as us, reddit folk, like to jest) if you actually fixed this economy ruining bug since the GG has the potential to be used as a currency item and isn't used as one already due to poor looks caused by a graphical bug. Surely I expect this bug to be looked at seriously and fixed in a timely manner.

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    Noone ever said the golden greevil should have a special effect. Noone ever said that!
    Its a normal courier, you didnt have to do anything special to get it, but rather queue afk or just play very much. The reward for your effprt is a limited, other colored greevil.

    Thats it. No bug, nothing to fix. Its not unusual, nothing, but only golden.

    Deal with it!

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    0/10 Obvious troll.

    Subtly is key, my friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by CvP View Post
    retards don't count as people.

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    There are actually a lot of couriers that can not be previewed at the moment. On top of that, 'looks' are irrelevant to an item becoming a currency - point in case: TF2's Max' head. There is also already a thread on this here. Closing this.
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