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Thread: carry bots need to have their desire to farm lowered in situations

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    carry bots need to have their desire to farm lowered in situations

    There are several scenarios where it seems like a hard carry (ie viper/sniper/luna) bot's desire to farm trumps everything else. When the enemy team had killed everyone except for me and viper, and was taking down our tier 3 top tower and barracks, I repeatedly pinged the tower for viper to show up to defend, but he stayed at bottom farming the lane the entire time, refusing to defend. I have experienced this with other carry heroes as well, so I'm not surprised. But once the tower and barracks were destroyed, and the rest of my team had respawned and died again, viper finally returns, fights for a bit, manages to escape with about 20% health, and instead of running back to base (where he basically ALREADY IS), he goes to the enemy jungle to farm neutrals??

    Here's a screenshot of the end of this engagement, I don't know how useful the data will be.dota0017.jpg

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    Yeah, agreed I see this a lot too with carry bots, Viper doesn't do it as much as some others (Dragon Knight and Juggernaut are the worst offenders in my experience). They won't participate in team fights, they won't defend, they'll just kill everything in the jungle and attempt to farm it when someone else is actively doing so. Not stealing camps per say but they'll just move onto another camp if one is occupied by the player.

    This is a minor issue but the bigger problem is effectively causing the team to be one member down though I've been in the reverse position, farming and seeing an engagement coming up so I try move into position but they engage far too soon and they lose horribly before I can get there.

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    Sometimes if your rax are down and Mega Creeps are trying to kill your tower, the bots will explode in farm desire, and will last hit religiously, ignoring all other creeps/Ancient towers/enemy heroes/retreat desires.

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