Someone already made a Reddit thread about this here, mentioning Moon Glaives not jumping off revealed units, so I investigated it further.

Attacks that bounce (not spells, like Paralyzing Cask), like Moon Glaives, or Death Ward attacks with Aghanim, do not bounce if the closest target (that is, the target that the attack would bounce to) is an invisible unit that you revealed by truesight. That means that, if there are three units, you attack one with an attack that can bounce, and the closest unit is a revealed unit, bounces stop there - the third one doesn't get hit, even if it wasn't invisible. Basically, revealed units stop bounces.

This could be a bug that appeared because of the need to stop the bounces if the unit became invisible midair (invis disjoint) or something, but there's definitely a problem with the condition that checks if the unit should be bounced to.

Another thing to mention - sometimes the attacks visually seem to hit, but they still do no damage.