Really the only issues with this is that it means the Wyrmellon bug isn't completely killed and that us OCD completionists (need to watch all the things) get annoyed. I had to re-watch some of these matches a couple different times to get it counted as watched and each time it gave me credit on my courier for watching. One of the matches I watched live yesterday didn't count as watched either, but I definitely got creds on my courier for it. I can't download the replay for some reason, so I can't tell you if it gives me credit for re-watching, but I bet you it does.

A couple extra matches here and there doesn't seem like a big deal, although in the long term having to only watch 1/3 of the matches to get the fully upgraded courier is kinda killing the point. What if for some people they never get even one match to count as watched and can still bug exploit? That's the main concern here.

I know I've watched the old replays multiple times now, and my courier is level 15 to show it, when he should only be 7. I only just got the matches to show up as watched today, but I could have sworn I had them pegged as watched previously, so my other concern is that they're saying they've been watched, but then resetting for some reason. I'm going to keep an eye on that to make sure of it.

If anyone else can confirm with their experiences, especially with the last point, I'm sure that would help out. I'm not sure if this is exactly the right section because it's kind of a live spectating and courier related issue as well, but hopefully someone finds it one way or another.