Usually download stops at 2% and reset to 0% at some point and then shows download failure windows. Weird thing is, the connection is still on, I've tried waiting (I guessed it just visual issue, the replay is still downloading) but it won't complete (in game or in replay folder). Judging from the connection speed and time, the file should be 100Mb which is impossible. I only download pub game which usually only 15-40Mb. Please take note that most connection on SEA isn't very fast and stable, downloading a big files hurts my bandwidth (50MBish is big for my standard).

I have no problem downloading replays from dotabuff. but now dotabuff have no direct download feature so I only can download from client. Providing a direct link for downloading replay which can be used with Download Manager (obviously resumable) seems will fix this problem. Just place the download link under the download replay button so player can copy it.

I hope you can fix this problem fast, before the match I want to download got deleted.