I parse like 10 pro games a day for my site. I set up my parser to notify me anytime a team with a new id appears. Until now, notifications I had received were all for newly formed teams or the first game in which I parsed a replay for a team. Things had been working fine until today when I got three new ids, all from long-standing teams.

mousesport: new id 26 (see the API for match details for match id 125447985). Old id was 161707 (see the API for match 123018083 ).
dd : new id 350284 (see match id 125447985 ). Old id was 184240 (see match id 117643311).
Fnatic.EU: new id is 350190 (see match id 125548077). Old id was 38 (see match id 123057108 ).

The old team id's do not exist on mouz or fnatic.eu but does for DD. All three teams have slightly new team names. Is there some reason for this? Just odd to me that no one would change their team id and then on one day there'd be three changes.

Baseless speculation as to why:
  • Maybe some functionality changed in the team creation or editing tool recently?
  • Something to do with the recent patch?
  • Some missing functionality that makes it easier for a team to change id's completely rather than edit their current team
  • Teams where parked on multiple team id's and were asked to consolidate
  • Something to do with team rankings (I really hope this is not the case)