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Thread: [Confirmed] Ensnare not setting movementspeed to 0

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    Ensnare sets the movement speed of the units to 0 (zero) in Warcraft III.
    Thus, when the Tusk gets Ensnared, and uses Snowball:

    1,5 * max(133, 0) = ~200

    The Snowball should be moving with 200 movement speed.

    Just making the Ensnare buff to set the movement speed of the units to 0 (zero) would fix this aspect.

    Now that this has been seperated, I think I shall mention the Greater Bash aspect aswell.
    Ensnare should prevent Greater Bash from doing any bonus damage by setting the movement speed of the Spirit Breaker to zero. The bash still may proc, force the targets back and stun them, of course.

    As I told before, just making the Ensnare buff to set the movement speed of the units affected to 0 (zero) would fix everything, and wouldn't cause any harm.
    If anything, it may fix further bugs that we are yet to become aware of.
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