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Thread: Backpack and increasing amount of items

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    Backpack and increasing amount of items

    This idea comes from someone who loves the visual-item-hero idea in dota2 and casually trades.

    The motivation that made me do this post is as following.
    Im in the beta for more than 1 year and in that time i got a lot of items. So i started to use the backpack at my will sorting everything to what i consider good organising standard. I always thought that might get improvement but it did not. At some point i thought, what the hell maybe its only me, so i used "sort backpack" for the first time. I got dissapoint, that i decided to give the "sort backpack" a try after distributing my items in my pages with my own standards. I will have fun sorting everything again now

    My experience:
    So i have been accumulating quite a bit of items and my backpack pages are getting full.

    The backpack expander is a great tool (but unfortunately very expensive for just 2 pages extra and considering my ultimate goal would be 1 page for each hero).

    I have been sorting my backpack in different ways since i started the beta.

    Some examples to understand where i come from:
    -Using one page for all items of one hero (or 2 heros in 1 page depending on the amount of items u have for each hero)
    -Leaving SPACES (emtpy boxes) for better overview and future sets/items for a specific hero.
    -Using 1 page for chests
    -Put all duplicates (to delete or trade) in one page
    -Sorting the page with sets and hero items in a way to have easy overview on what you have of each hero and what u miss (from sets or single items)
    -Each column 1 set

    I made a screenshot for the current layout i have and how i use each 8x8 Backpack Page

    One idea is to use this area where the Bonus currently is, with a fast hero picker to scroll to the page/hero(more or less just to get the idea).
    Attachment 12927

    Currently i face 3 improvable things:
    1. Sending an item from first to last page f.e. is really boring after u do it a couple of times
    2. There is no fast way to chek which parts f.e. of a set u miss with a fast mousclick and easy overview without mixing everything up again with the backpack sorter.
    3. From a collectors point of view there lacks some eyecandy and tools to manage easier your virtual goods.

    Making a better layout to have an easy overview on what items for each hero u have without being limited to the sort backpack options.

    Ideally it would look like this: 1 hero items on 1 page using top boxes for head wear, bottom for foot wear, etc...

    So whats the point of all this? Just a better overview on what and how many items you got for each hero and enough place to make it look sweet for the eye (and not a mass of things in 8x8Box).
    I know u can click on hero and see what u got but im takling about the backpack and how to make it more pleasing for the eye while scrolling your own inventory.


    Edit: Image should be fine now. Brief explanation: When i got a full set i place a chest at the bottom so i know the set is with all parts. When parts missing i place a chest in that box.
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    I cant see the attachments.
    But yes this needs improvement.

    I recently used the "sort all items" but was a bit disappointed, when it sorted it by heroes.
    Without a single space between them, all chests at the corresponding hero, the duplicates next to each other.

    I completely agree this has to be reworked.
    It needs a better autosort
    Easier way to move multipe items
    Easier way to move items through multiple pages

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    Image replaced with a working one. Nice to see im not the only one.

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    It does need improvement, what kind I cant say.
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