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Thread: Other teams appearing under personal profile's team tab.

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    Other teams appearing under personal profile's team tab.

    How to reproduce.*

    1. Go to another player's personal profile. That player must be on a team.

    2. Click on the team tab under the player's personal profile.

    3. Go to your own personal profile.

    4. Click on the team tab under your personal profile.

    *My profile is not on a team. I do not know the results will change if the profile is on a team.

    I apologize ahead of time if this has already been reported.

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    I have the exact same problem,although i am on a team myself.

    I also have another bug thing.I saw today clicking on my profile that my team's tab does not appear.I was sure i didn't accidentally disband the team so i checked through Community--->My Teams tab.My team was still there and i noticed a little box underneath the players telling "Show on Player Profile".It was unchecked so i checked it and gladly i saw that now my team was up there on my profile.After some minutes though team tab has once more disappeared,even though the "Show on Player Profile" box was still checked.I unchecked and checked it again and it worked.Then again and again and again the same thing with team tab disappearing.Hope it gets fixed soon.

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