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Thread: [Confirmed] Warlock Golems have incorrect magic resist

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    [Confirmed] Warlock Golems have incorrect magic resist


    Warlock golems have 33% magic resist, not 50%.


    1) pick any hero with a reliable nuke (lvl 1 crystal nova for example --> 100 damage)
    2) Summon an enemy warlock golem
    3) Cast lvl 1 crystal nova on the golem


    take 67 damage.

    Expected result:

    Take 50.25 (??) no clue about the .25, but it's there in Wc3 Dota :P

    EDIT: So after talking to Adrianlegg the .25 is because resistant skin gives 25% and warlock golems have 33% (equaling 49.75% resist, not 50%). Still bugged, but just some info.
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