Appologies if this is in the wrong section, as it relates to watching replays, or spectating live games.

After death in a current game you are given a little tab on the left which shows who killed you, and clicking this shows which heroes did how much damage to you from which source. The suggestion is to allow for spectators in games to select a dead hero and have access to this. Often when watching a casted game if the caster misses a kill, they speculate how that hero actually died, simply by looking at heroes around and spells on cooldown. Adding this feature in should not be too complicated as the information is already generated for players actually playing the game, just changing it to allow spectators to view. This feature would be beneficial for casters broadcasting pro games to allow them to give a more in-depth analysis of a heroes death, even if they did not capture the moment on camera, and would be a decent feature for anyone watching live games/replays.