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Thread: Deleted Common Item, Received Common Item

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    Post Deleted Common Item, Received Common Item

    Deleted: (Common) Seven-Sealed the Fur Bracer
    Received: (Common) Eye of the Ozkavosh

    "When you destroy this Common item you will have a small chance of immediately discovering one Uncommon item."

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    Wards have higher common rarity than other common items for some reason

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    You realise wards are generally worth a rare or half a key in trading value, right? You've managed to strike pretty lucky.

    Although I'll happily give you a random uncommon for it if you'd rather just have that >_>

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    I'd just write it off as a fringe common like a 1.5 common or something.

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    Wards are listed as common when they should really be uncommon/rare.

    Greevils are listed as mythical when they should really be listed as common/uncommon, with unusual ones being rare.

    Valve. ^^;

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    i think this happened to one item before. valve simply changed that item to uncommon... well, i dont really think it's too much a deal

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    If I got a ward for deleting a common, I wouldn't be complaining that's for sure.
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