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Thread: [Suggestion] Add MVP voting for each match for ladder games and for tournaments

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    [Suggestion] Add MVP voting for each match for ladder games and for tournaments


    Here's a suggestion hope the developers can read about.

    There can be a Most Valuable Player (MVP) voting at the end of each ladder match where people can vote for anyone (other than themselves) and the person with the most votes gets the MVP for the game.

    Then at each player's profile at the Commendations area, there can be an MVP count together with the other commendation counts so we can see who is playing well and more importantly, who are the best team players to win the matches for the team.

    Adding to that, they can further have a voting for spectators in tournament matches. Right now for spectators besides spectator chat (which can be pretty pointless at times), and waiting for prizes, there are not many ways for spectators to participate when they watch a tournament match.

    Maybe having options to vote for MVP (at the end of the match), and even to cheer for players after a great play and have these stats available at the end of the match and on these tournament players' profiles will be pretty interesting.

    Thank you for taking your time to read through my little humble suggestion.

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    This was already posted like a week ago
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