Hello guys,

First of all I'd like to say sorry if this thread doesn't fit in this forum. I already tried to register on Steam forum but I can't post a new thread there.

My problem is about the SteamGuard and item trading.

Few days ago I bought a few Lotus Keys from my friend. Yesterday, I tried to register at DotaBuff.com, and it ask me for SteamGuard verification.
Since I'm too lazy to checkout my old email account, I've decided to google for the way to turn off this SteamGuard, and so I turn it off.

Last night, I wanted to trade my item for some Lotus Chest, and I get a notice, where it ask me to have SteamGuard activated in order to do the trade.
So, I activate it and try to trade again. Sadly, I get another notice, which is :

You must have had Steam Guard enabled for at least 15 days before you can participate in a trade.

I don't mind waiting. But, the Lotus Chest will expire on 28 February, which is less than 15 days.... And I don't have any Lotus chest now...
Its kinda awful because I don't see any warning about the trade blocked or such when I'm trying to turn off the steamguard..