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Thread: Add Option To Silence Menu/Lobby Music

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    Add Option To Silence Menu/Lobby Music

    The music in Dota 2 is all well and good, but having a bunch of racket play every time I launch the game is incredibly annoying. I just open the game, Find Match, and tab out until it finds a game. Currently, I can't listen to my own music or anything else normally, because this intrusive music is playing. Turning sound off is impractical, turning off sound in background won't work, because I need to hear when it finds a game, and I don't want to mute the music altogether, because I like to hear it sometimes, in game

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    Dude, you're asking for an option to disable music, yet you say the current option for turning off the music is impractical? I'm confused.. At the best case scenario, you'll have to go again to the Options menu and disable the music which is.. practially the same thing.

    Why don't you try to edit the autoexec.cfg file and turn it off manually? (you need to do this only once..)

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