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Thread: Tournament Replay spoilers. Suggested Fix

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    Tournament Replay spoilers. Suggested Fix

    Because I am from New Zealand I dont get the chance to watch the games live (Because The games are at 5-6am)

    So there is an obvious issue with spoliers. If there is only 2 games you know whoever wins the first also wins the other. If there is 3 games you know whoever wins the first game does not win the 2nd.

    Although this would be a major change, the tournament page needs to be a lot more detailed with an INDIVIDUAL page for each match up instead of just throwing all the games on one small replay list.
    So when you click into this page it can have more info about the teams line-ups and maybe some useful stats about wins/loss vs each other in past games.

    Also when it comes to results and viewing replays only 2 games should be displayed with the 3rd option "Reveal Game 3" This would completely remove the issues with spoliers. If there was only 2 games, you would never know who wins the 2nd game with the 3rd covered up. The same goes for 3 games played.

    It's a big issue for me because if I can see that only 2 games were played, I will only watch the first.
    If 3 games are played, I will only watch the first and last game. Which means, no matter the outcome, I will always miss one game of every match-up.

    Feedback appreciated,

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