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Thread: [Bug] Night Stalker is wingless at night.

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    [Bug] Night Stalker is wingless at night.

    i cant good speak english , sry

    back night stalker remove , when i use Ulti
    watch Picture

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    There is no picture...

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    The topicstarter wants to say that Night Stalker's wings got removed right after using his ultimate

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    Guess it will be fixed as soon as Crystal, Lina and DeathProp stop looking like Sidnead O'Connor.

    Thank you for the report but it was posted some time ago too. I just wish they'd fix it

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    I do remember that happening in the past, then getting fixed and it looks like it's back again.

    No wings on Night Stalker at night.

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    +1 I have this bug too. I have no screenshot right now, I may update the message with one later if I remember it, but I confirm it nonetheless. It is happening during both normal night and invoked night.
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    any answer ?
    pls fix this bug

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    This bug has been going around for a couple of months...was fixed,but now AGAIN.

    So fucking sad VALVE,i dont even have the will to play NS looking like that

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    It's insane how NS's wings have been bugged for what now... 4 months? Maybe longer. Wingless first, then he got those stiff plastic wings, now wingless again

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