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Thread: Auto Disconnect in 25 sec - Problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paintloud View Post
    It's funny cause it's exactly like I said in my question: Many people with the same problem but no help of users or steam and valve itself.
    This is not a Steam issue, its only in this game. I have noticed that removing the community in-game via the steam menu allows me to choose a hero. But again, it disconnects. It's really sad because I've played Dota and it is a very fun game. The store is actually tempting with the items and loadouts you can set up. I won't wait long before I look for another game though. Support is KEY to success.

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    try playing with a vpn proxy, just to be sure your provider don't block d2 ...
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    I am having the same problem as well. I optimized my computer and internet connection and still same problem. Some times it will do it 1-2 times a game others its constant and cant even move. The worst thing is I check my ping and its usually between 38-100 with no packet loss. I ran several diagnostics and found nothing. I haven't had any problems playing other online games like SC2. I even disabled several background applications that might conflict with the game.

    I guess here is a full list of things that I have done.
    -stable connection (check)
    -updated drivers/hardware (check)
    -optimized visual settings (check)
    -defrag computer (check)
    -check for possible P2P problems or viruses (check)
    -steam updated and synced (check)
    -verify integrity of game cache (check)
    -uninstall and reinstall game (check)
    -check stability of other online games (check) Works fine with other games

    I have spent several hours trying to research the problem and solve it myself but couldn't find anything so if anyone that knows the problem and how to pinpoint it directly I would appreciate it. I haven't seen any resolutions on any forum or website.

    Thank You
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    Have exact same problems and tried the same things, plus buying new router, new LAN cables...

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    Any feedback or solution yet? I get this problem last week and till today.....I even re install steam and dota 2 .....problem still the same...........I have open the console to check the FPS and ms when playing....when the error occur game freeze even the net games freeze for 5 sec and resume back...........each game have 3 times auto dc or more.............I don;t think this is the internet line issues...

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    I'm also having a problem with Dota 2. Keep showing ''Warning: Connection Problem IP: xxx xxx xxx, disconnecting in 25seconds'' in red on top right corner of my screen. Then whole screens goes freeze, with everyone creep, hero and enemy running on the same spot. Last hit with no sound nor the sound of gold coins. Next moment, everything is restored in super fast speed with my hero either dead or in a completely different spot.

    Need Help!

    Everyhope(in game name)

    1. I'm living in taiwan atm. Playing South East Asia servers.
    2. My browser and other games works fine and stays online even when my Dota 2 experiences connection problem.
    3. I googled for solutions but no useful solutions found.
    4. I tried most of the solutions posted by paintloud but still the same.
    5. I reinstalled Steam and Dota 2 but problem comes back after 1 night.
    6. I deleted clientregistry.blob file in steam folder but it didn't help the connection problem.

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    I also changed network quality to low.

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