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Thread: [Confirmed] Visage Gravekeeper's Cloak & Trigger on damage

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    [Confirmed] Visage Gravekeeper's Cloak & Trigger on damage


    Visage's gravekeepers cloak armour/magic resist is removed after all elements of an attack (i.e. if you have sticky napalm on him they both get reduced as if he had all 4 stacks up)


    1) Create a visage, level to 25, 4 levels into gravekeeper's cloak
    2) Create a batrider, level to 25, 3 (THREE!) levels in sticky napalm and give yourself a shivas.
    3) Cast 10 stacks of sticky napalm on visage (or 8 if you screwed up step 2 and got lvl 4 sticky napalm)
    4) Cast shivas on visage and observe the combat log


    Sticky napalm & shivas do the same amount of damage.

    Expected result:

    1 part of gravekeeper's cloak is removed between each instance and therefore you deal more with sticky napalm.

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