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Thread: [BUG] Courier "Return item to stash" not working

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    [BUG] Courier "Return item to stash" not working

    I just realize, I cannot use courier ability "Return item to stash" and also I cannot drag my item from courier to stash. Sometimes if I using "Return item to stash" ability it just drop the item on the ground, sometimes the item dissapear, sometimes nothing happen and sometimes it makes me cannot combine item even I already had all the item and receipt.

    These are the replay :
    *Match ID : 63153207
    @Game time 48:10 : Im using Beastmaster, at this time I try to use "Return item to stash" and try to drag the item to stash and its not working, so I drop my item on the ground. After I revive, I cannot combine my item to Heart of Tarrasque even I had all the item. I already check the item owner, and its mine.

    *Match ID : ??????
    @Im still searching the replay, Im using courier ability "Return item to stash" and it makes my Town Portal on the courier is GONE nor in the ground and stash.
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    I'm getting this too. This is a huge bug and should be marked as such. When I used it, my items got dropped on the ground around the fountain.

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    Experiencing this bug as well

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    Recently experienced this in more than one game, thought it was a one-off but it keeps happening and going away with no real rhyme or reason. First time I've had it happen in a year but it seems to be the same pseudo-resolved-but-not bug that pops up every few patches.

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    Already reported, although it left as unconfirmed for some reason.

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