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Thread: [SUGGESTION] Option to change minimap to right side.

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    Hud should be customizabable

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    I am not sure if it's location of the minimap. I believe the minimap location is good on left. But something is wrong about it, maybe the size. I played the regular Dota for 7 years, but this has never happened.
    In DOTA2, even after 100 gameplays, this still keeps happening.

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    !vouch that goo didea !

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    To avoid accidental right clicks on the minimap I just use the "dota_minimap_misclick_time" command. The only downside is there's a delay for when I actually want to click on the map but I can deal with it.

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    no. go back to HoN.

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    I have been playing Dota 2 for 1 year now. I STILL have problem where I am suddenly looking at Dire fountain:
    It happens *mostly* when casting invoker's tornado in that direction and I click on minimap (wierd thing is that the tornado goes in the correct direction--bottom-left--but I am now looking at Dire's fountain).
    It can happen when casting other spells similar to tornado (it even happens with emp, but not as much).

    This is a deal-breaker for me. I have Dota 2, been playing it for a year, but if the devs don't ever bother to fix this, I do not see myself playing the game. The problem happens once per hour and, although kinda used to it and can recover, still can screw me over royaly.

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    Can't say I've ever had a misclick issue, but I can see some people preferring the map on the right side if that's what they're accustomed to.

    I had a friend who tried to get me interested in LoL, and the minimap being on the right instead of the left instantly removed any possible inclination to learn.

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    LoL has an option in the options menu to move it to the left. Very smart of you bro.


    The problem is, to move the camera while running down the lane to the bottom left, you have to point all the way at the corner and then point back to the ground. Do the same towards the top right and you need far less mouse travel. This makes it easier to run to the top right instead of the bottom left even if you don't misclick.

    Also, in LoL you can shrink the minimap. Mine's about 2cm by 2cm which is more than enough. Dota 2 gives you a monstrously huge map whether you like it or not (and you probably need it, because the most informative mode has tiny little arrows to watch and crosses that are subtly not symmetrical which gives you valuable information if you watch them like a hawk).

    I suspect the reason the minimap is like this in Dota 2 is because the risk of misclicking and the size of the whole UI is part of the "amazing and perfect balance" (meanwhile segmented health bars, Rubick's mega buff, double tap to blink to base etc apparently don't impact balance?!).

    My suggestion: allow moving the map to the right, also stop being anal about the balance impact of UI scaling and allow people to scale it down. If this makes the minimap unclear (it will) then redesign the minimap with large and obvious arrows instead of the little lineart.
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    Plz, give us this option, I BEG YOU !!!

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    This is a feature that really should be added. How come they haven't added it by now? :S
    My right flank has been turned, my left flank has disintegrated and my rearguard is in chaos. Situation excellent. I shall attack.

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