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Thread: [SUGGESTION] Option to change minimap to right side.

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    Once again, no, the map should be where it is, where it always was, where it was in RTS games before dota was created.

    It'll take resources from valvedevs.
    It'll also damage HUD makers and/or HUD designs.
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    The reason this should be an option is this:

    A lot of people transitioning from HoN and LoL have gotten USED to the minimap being swappable.

    This means(for me personally even) they won't change to Dota 2 because it's too much of a bother.

    I still play HoN for THIS REASON. CBA to get used to minimap being on the "original" side of the screen.

    How will it damage anything? It should just be an option. Just fucking keep default settings if you don't want to swap your minimap.

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    well... look at what we have here...


    better late than never huh?
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