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Thread: Minimap left click disappears

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    Minimap left click disappears

    Title should be: Minimap becomes unresponsive after quickcast.
    I haven't really found concise way to reproduce this bug, but since it annoys me a lot, I would like to share it:

    After using quickcast TP scroll on minimap, all left-clicking on the map is effectively disabled, what results in inability to see the place where you are teleporting. It affects BoT also, it seems. So the only way to watch where you're going is to use edge pan (or clicking hero portrait, which is not helpful at all).

    I am not sure what conditions cause this bug, but whole quick cast mechanics seem to malfunction randomly, what results in unpleasant game experience.
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    Wow, so it wasn't just me bugging out
    Glad to hear that, and that you clearly identified the issue. I guess everyone is affected by this?

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