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    they'd continue to whine, but they'd have gotten over it. I've seen it a million times with TF2. They add a lame looking item, it gets hate and ridiculed for a week or two and then everyone forgets it exists.

    If a lot of people use a "bad" item it means that it was popular because lots of people are using it. If nobody uses a bad item because everyone hates it, then nobody will see it because nobody will use it.

    It's a problem that would fix itself, and there are people (like myself) who upvoted the set and wanted to buy it and that ability was taken from them/me because enough people just couldn't stand the thought of an item they don't like being in the game. Making it immortal did nothing. It just made it more important, more sought after and is now a status symbol. An item set that would have been a trash uncommon/common people practically gave away is now one of the most expensive and most sought after item set in the game.

    The total opposite of what people wanted.

    And the community suffers because no Ursa set has been accepted, let alone even made, since Alpine Ursa was removed, I'd argue in part due to the harsh response to Alpine Ursa. It also took a long time for more adventurous sets to be made for other heroes, and even those stand with people taking issue. The community lost more than they thought due to short sightedness and the ability to just let things ride.

    Look at the Dotabuff issue. The huge hoopla that caused. You read the thread and you had people agreeing and talking about stuff that had nothing to do with the situation, but they decided to just band wagon up and spew nonsense because the thread was large, fast moving, and it was a "big deal." The Alpine Ursa set was exactly the same way, with exactly the same posting patterns. Counter arguments were ignored and people just starting hopping on the hate wagon because everyone else was.

    There were people who literally thought every Ursa player on the planet would be wearing the full set. That's how ridiculous it was getting. (the counter argument to that being that if everyone is wearing it, it's obviously a popular and liked item)
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