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Thread: [Confirmed] AFK detection not triggering correctly

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    [Confirmed] AFK detection not triggering correctly

    This Jakiro was sitting in pool for roughly 12 minutes. He kept disconnecting after a minute, then reconnecting and sitting in pool, then disconnecting. He finally started moving around when his disconnect timer got to ~30 seconds. He and two others were a premade, and I'm pretty sure they decided to troll us when random Alchemist didn't listen to them by telling their Jak what his DC timer was. I guess I'm just asking why the AFK timer resets when you rejoin, because the guy didn't get any XP for over ten minutes and forced us to sit through a 25 minutes match that was pointless slog.

    MATCH ID: 135394807

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    jakiro neither gets an abandon for not receiving any experience for more than 5 minutes.

    his disconnect timer seems to be correct, since he comes back when his timer is still on "1 minute left to reconnect".
    if you disagree, post a timetable with all of his disconnect/reconnects.

    adding the afk detection thing to the sticky.
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    Illegitimate Abandon

    Match ID: 142371977

    Lina afkd for way more than 5 min and the game never turned into a "Safe to leave". Assuming I missed the notification, I left the game only to notice I got an Abandon.
    PS: soon after the game steam, and consequently Dota 2, went down for a few minutes.
    Please look into the case and revert the abandon to a loss.

    EDIT: Timestamp: Lina's "1 min to reconnect" expires as 23 min which should've turned the game into a safe to leave. I leave the game at 32 min

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