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Thread: Blackboard at the team/group panel

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    Lightbulb Blackboard at the team/group panel

    Greetings everyone,

    This idea comes after a game of matchmaking with my team. We, usually, discuss about what we did good or wrong, you can talk really open or really specific. But when you are "evolving" you need to be very specific talking about position, heroes, plays, etc. Everyone knows that is great talk about this, but sometimes you need to draw something for constructing the situation with your team and have better communication recreating what happened or what can happen if you do something.

    I think it could be a great implementation and use it when you are prepared/party/group with your team, for talking about games, situations, etc with a blackboard. Just like the Basketball games or Football games. Here i give you and example.

    In DotA, would be great have an empty blackboard with option for adding the map of DotA, icons with the heroes, spells, etc. Moreover, it would be great add permissions, colors for every member who is seeing the blackboard, etc.

    What do you think about this? This idea could be use it for the casters, just like the tv sports. Please, comment and add feedbacks for the devs guys. Thanks for your time
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