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Thread: Show skill range on hotkey use, not only on mouse-over.

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    I dont think this will fit in dota. It is used in LoL as there is a CRAPLOAD of short range skillshots there that would greatly benefit from this feature. What fits in one game will not do so in the other ^^

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    If you hold your mouse above any skill you will be able to see the range of that skill.
    I'd like to be able to see a skill's range also when I press a hotkey to use it .
    What do you think?
    LoL is that way ----------->
    I must add, newfag...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CreepyPasta View Post
    LoL is that way ----------->
    I must add, newfag...
    Makes no sense. Just because it's in LoL it doesn't mean that... wait, we've already had this argument. So stfu and if you're gonna defend your idea, bring some good arguments and not "omg hon noob rofl lol? wtf is that shit?".

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