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This is such an awful argument.

The depth of the game should be in it's mechanics, not in it's UI. Crippling a UI in the name of raising the skill ceiling is an awful idea. Can one present a reasonable argument for the exclusive of a targeting circle besides "It will make it easier"? By this logic, wouldn't it also be a good idea to only allow movement via typing in coordinates instead of allowing mouse control? It would be harder and raise the skill ceiling a great degree! Mouse control is what LoL does and it ruins my game because it makes it easier!

One should be able to interact with the UI in such a way that it feels 'effortless', so that there is no barrier between the user's actions and the user's intended actions. That should be the end goal of UI design. Obscuring information (Lack of Damage Text, Lack of meaningful range finders), Excluding information (Lack of Cast bars), and other such nonsense should be checked at the door as it has no place in a modern UI. There is a time and place for some UI restrictions (Limited field of view, non-adjustable camera angle), but those are pretty special cases for very specific reasons.
This man speaks the truth. +1 this.