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Thread: can't access any tournament replays..

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    Feb 2013
    same here. cant watch any of starladder V replays. It is really disappionting for me to buy a Ticket for 7.25 euros and after that i cant watch any replay!
    feels like my money was stolen. pls fix this!

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    Same here. Can't download any tournament replays so far. I can watch normal game replays no problem though.
    Here's my dotabuff profile in case anyone's interested:

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    Been downloading Star Series V and Starladder replays today and it worked fine up until an hour ago. Now i get "Request for match ID ********* timed out" messages and if i launch with a console it only says:

    "Queued pending match details request

    Failed to get match 144487070 details: 0
    match_details_updated 144487070 m_pPendingMatchDetails = 09165578 waiting on 144487070

    Is this happening because of the server stress?
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    Same problem now. I had this problem yestarday, but it was gone then itself.
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    Dreamhack Dota 2 Invitational Empire vs. VP game 1 isn't available:
    Sending steam HTTP request to check replay file
    Sending steam HTTP request to check replay file
    OnReplayCheckCompleted: exists = 0 statuscode = 404 context = 148916131
    Game 2 is available though.

    edit: Swiftly fixed! thanks Valve!
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    My problem is gone. TY Valve.

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    all replays are working yesterday. but this happens to me again today.

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    can't view any tournament or public replays. :|

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